Giving to Heath Street Baptist Church

If you are a UK taxpayer everything you give us can have Gift Aid added once you sign a simple form to confirm you want Heath Street to benefit from your Gift Aid. This doesn’t cost you anything but lets us claim back the tax you have already paid. For every £1 you give, at the moment (at current basic tax rate) we can claim 25 pence extra from HMRC. If you haven’t set this up with us, just let the Treasurer know – one very simple form and you will then have a three digit PIN to use when you donate instead of writing your name and address.

To give regularly

1. From your bank account to ours set up a standing order to give an amount of your choice monthly, quarterly or even weekly. This is our ideal way to receive money and easy for you once you have got started!

If you use online banking you can easily set this up yourself. The details you need are:

Bank CAF Bank

Account name Heath Street Baptist Church

Account sort code 40 52 40

Account number 00014178

If you prefer to use the paper route to set this up, ask the Treasurer for a standing order form.

2. Use our offering envelopes to give cash or a cheque.

These envelopes are always available at the Church. If you have signed up for Gift Aid just write your PIN and the date on the envelope – no need for other details.

To give when you can

1. Make a one-off payment from your bank account using a BACS transfer if you use online banking.

2. Use the offering envelopes with your Gift Aid PIN or by filling in your name and address if you want us to claim Gift Aid for your one-off donations.

3. If you are used to doing your banking on a smartphone using your own bank’s app, then you can add Heath Street’s bank details as a payee so when you want to make a donation you sign into your account, select “pay person/or bill”, select Heath Street and choose how much to send. Easy to do at any time (e.g. when the collection plate is going round the congregation).

4. Tap your credit card on the electronic offering plate when it comes round at a service. It is normally set at £5 per tap, so tap a few times if you want to give more, or ask the steward to change the amount. Please remember that though this is easy and perhaps painless for you, we do have to pay an admin fee on your electronic donation through the 'Good Box'.

Don’t forget, Gift Aid gives us an extra 25% for every £1 you give

To give in your will

Do think about Heath Street’s long term future when you write or update your will, and support us with a bequest either for general purposes or to help us do something specific (e.g. provide music for our services or pay for repairs, but not too specific please!). Your solicitor can help with wording and advise you on the tax advantages of giving through a legacy to a charity like Heath Street Baptist Church.

To contact the Treasurer, Gaynor Humphreys: or telephone 07902 017143


Registered charity number 1178001

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