Children's Sunday Club

This activity is now being held in the church again, in accordance with Baptist Union guidelines on socially distanced Sunday Schools. However, parents are expected to be responsible for their own children. This means that outside of Sunday Club it is them who has to ensure they obey social distancing guidelines. Also, the soft play area will remain closed for the time being.

Our Children's Sunday Club takes place from 11:00 am till about 12:30 pm every Sunday. It is run by our Children's Worker Wilf Merttens.

We do all kinds of arts and crafts and other creative things, and it is super fun. Everyone who joins gets an identity card and an elaborate title.

All children between the ages of 3 and 14 are welcome, and older teens can come and be helpers if they wish. (Well-behaved parents are welcome too.)

At Heath Street Baptist Church - see map and get directions.

For more information about our kids' activities, just sign up below.


See also our Storymakers Club.

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