• Welcome to Heath Street Baptist Church!

    From our foundation in 1861 to the present day, our desire has been to see strangers transformed into a community, and neighbours working together to transform the world.  Our community is founded on our common desire to love God, serve our neighbourhood, and follow Jesus Christ.

    The church stands halfway between Hampstead High Street and the famous Heath.  Like the Heath, our church stands as a place of beauty, tranquillity and reality in the heart of busy London.


  • This week

    11:00am  Worship
    12:00pm  My Family and Other Feelings
    6:00pm  Baroquestock: Istante Ensemble
    7:30pm  The Contact Club
    9:30pm  Baroquestock: Les Laurentines

    1:00pm  Baroquestock: Consone Quartet
    7:00pm  Swing Patrol
    7:30pm  Baroquestock: Istante Ensemble

    10:00am  My Family and Other Feelings
    1:00pm  Lunchtime concert

    4:00pm  Storymakers Club
    8:00pm  SwingTrain

    10:30am  Oldtime Nursery
    7:30pm  Heath Street Choir rehearsals

    10:00am  SwingTrain
    7:00pm  Michael Malarkey


  • Latest photographs
    Wilf Merttens' baptism 8
    Wilf Merttens' baptism 7
    Wilf Merttens' baptism 6
    Wilf Merttens' baptism 5
    Wilf Merttens' baptism 4
    Wilf Merttens' baptism 3
    Wilf Merttens' baptism 2
    Wilf Merttens' baptism 1
    Harvest Festival 7
    Harvest Festival 6
    Harvest Festival 5
    Harvest Festival 4
    Harvest Festival 3
    Harvest Festival at the church on 4 October 2015
    Harvest Festival 1
    Papillon by Priya pop-up shop 8
    Papillon by Priya pop-up shop 7
    Papillon by Priya pop-up shop 6
    Papillon by Priya pop-up shop 5
    Papillon by Priya pop-up shop 4
    Papillon by Priya pop-up shop 3
    Papillon by Priya pop-up shop 2
    Papillon by Priya pop-up shop 1
    Another Day Lost 8
    Another Day Lost 7
    Another Day Lost 6
    Another Day Lost 5
    Another Day Lost 4
    Another Day Lost 3
    Another Day Lost 2
    Another Day Lost 1
    Julia Astrid Wagner and Oles Klok 4
    Julia Astrid Wagner and Oles Klok 3
    Julia Astrid Wagner and Oles Klok 2
    Julia Astrid Wagner and Oles Klok 1
    Mechanical Moon
    Intersection 4
    Intersection 3
    Intersection 2
    Intersection 1
    Ewan King's ordination service 20
    Ewan King's ordination service 19
    Ewan King's ordination service 18
    Ewan King's ordination service 17
    Ewan King's ordination service 16
    Ewan King's ordination service 15
    Ewan King's ordination service 14
    Ewan King's ordination service 13
    Ewan King's ordination service 12


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