Train delayed? Try playing a church organ instead

The screening of the film “Organ Stops” a year or so ago at Heath Street attracted a big crowd to hear how threatened church organs are and how Martin Renshaw and colleagues in the charity Pipe Up are rescuing good organs, pipe by numerous pipe, and in some cases successfully finding new homes for them.

The latest venture from Pipe Up is to outdo the railway stations offering a piano to play, by installing a church pipe organ in London Bridge station, available to passing musicians.

It originally came from the United Reformed Church in Whetstone that closed as a church in 2020 and is now a school building. It was made by the prolific organ 
maker Henry Jones, who was active from the 1850s and even exhibited at the International Exhibition of 1862.

Just like the free pianos, the pipe organ is free to play, although there are a few instructions for users, as it’s a bit more complicated than a piano, as our newest church organist Frida King knows well. It is in the side tunnels between London Bridge mainline station and the Underground. You can see more at

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