Sunday Club in Devon

In August, I was lucky enough to go on the Sunday club trip to Devon. We were collected in front of the church by Wilf in a super luxury minibus. Once we had all bundled on with our luggage, Wilf realised he had forgotten the most crucial piece of equipment, the air rifle. We left London and arrived in Exeter about five hours later after many rounds of a game called Mafia. We picked up some food on the way to the barn where we were staying. We met Alice and Nigel, who were so kind and allowed us to stay in their barn, which was cosy and rustic. There was a trampoline, tennis court, table tennis and many other activities which kept us busy for many hours in the evenings. We spent our four days swimming and kayaking in the river. We also went to an amazing natural water slide called Shilley Pool, played loads of great board games and of course ate lots of amazing homemade flapjacks and cake. On the last night we went to Wilf’s parents’ house nearby, where we met Wilf’s sister and her son James, who was extremely funny and kind. First we went on the water slide in the garden, then we played Capture the Flag in the churchyard, followed by a delicious dinner of pizza and Wilf’s mother’s amazing homemade ice cream. This was a perfect end to an amazing, action-packed trip. Thanks so much to Wilf for arranging the trip. I had a great time with wonderful people.

Joe Coury-Reid

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