Letter from the Children’s Worker

Hi all!

Well, despite all my usual work places being closed, including the church of course, I have been very busy with children’s work and storytelling of one kind and another!

I have been sending out regular videos just to say “hi” to the children of our church, in which a small bear repeatedly breaks the Covid-19 regulations and invades my personal space, with (he thinks) hilarious results. These videos go out via a dedicated children’s email list to parents of children who come to Heath Street for worship or sundry activities. (Just ask if you would like to join this list).

I have also been pushing the Psalm Memorisation competition to adults and children alike. Without delay, please send me a video or audio file of you saying (or singing) a psalm from memory! It can be any psalm in any language, and don’t worry at all about hesitations and mistakes. It does not need to be faultless. Each psalm that is present and correct (just about) wins us a marble for our jar. When the jar is full we will be going on a day trip as a church, so let’s make sure we’ve done the job for when the restrictions are lifted!

This Easter we will be having an ONLINE Easter egg hunt, with videos of folks hiding and the viewer having to find them before the time runs out. I hope you get a chance to join in. (It’s a BYO chocolate thing this year, I’m afraid).

We also plan to have an Easter egg decoration competition. To take part, just boil a hen’s egg and decorate it in the best way you can. You can even make a little garden or house for it! Go nuts. Fabulous prizes to be won.

The other thing I’ve been working on is the story of David. The children and I have been producing an episodic film of the story, in a somewhat madcap style, and I also have a long-form storytelling podcast called David: The Story of a Shepherd King. Please do go to our website and check these out!

Our prayers at Heath Street are with anyone isolated at this time, and my thoughts also move to be with those who aren’t quite isolated enough. I’ve been thinking particularly about all the children and parents who find themselves in a new home-school relationship (and considering whose side I’m on if it comes down to it).

But seriously, I’d like to ask you to pray for the children in the church, and indeed across nearly every land of the earth, who may be having a hard time due to this new situation: those with sick parents, exacerbated situations of poverty, or who are stuck in abusive or neglectful homes. Please pray that my children’s work and the ministry of our entire church may be a place where every child finds fun, safety and a multitude of signs of the living God.

Wilf Merttens

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