Eat The Zine Club

I have some very exciting news! But it will take some explaining. You see, the youth of the church will soon be producing a zine. A zine is a little pamphlet or magazine that is designed and printed at home. In terms of format, they are often not all that different from the newsletter you are reading right now, but their primary function is to be a work of art rather than a bearer of information.

Truth be told, the children of the church have been making zines for a while now. For instance, they made some exploring their favourite words for Pentecost (see examples). We even started a “zine club” where the kids could produce their own individual zines on any topic they like. Annie Fang (on the occasion of negotiating her daughter Avie’s attendance at the club) inadvertently named the club when she asked me, “And so can they eat the zine afterwards?” This confusion over the nature of zines delighted us all so much that we christened the club “EAT THE ZINE.”

So the club’s next plan is to work together to produce one zine collaboratively. The theme of our first issue will be “Heroes,” so we are now looking for poems, collages and essays that address that theme. Please do get in touch if you have any recommendations. 

If you know a young person (rather generously, we are defining “young” as under 35 - which incidentally means that yours truly is exempted just by a whisker) who would like to join our EAT THE ZINE club, or just submit some content on our theme, put them in touch with me at

Wilf Merttens

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