Community refugee sponsorship

A quick update on the Community Sponsorship program. I’m sure most readers know that Churches Together in Hampstead have worked to bring a family of Syrian refugees to safety here in London. Rahaf, her husband Monzer, and their children Aseel (4) and Hamed (2) are all now being supported by our community. I have gone round to their flat many times now, mainly to eat their delicious food, but nominally to help them practice English. We spend a lot of time translating idioms on Google and knitting our eyebrows in confusion. And laughing, the whole family being the most hilarious crew you could hope to meet. Rahaf particularly has a cutting wit that often has me rolling on the floor; and this with level 1 English! But though mirth is never far away, this is still a hard time of adjustment for the family. They sorely miss their relatives, and so much else about their homeland. Please pray for them to learn our language quickly, to feel safe and supported, and to flourish in our society. 

Wilf Merttens

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