Italian Sounds in London (12 November - 11 December 2022)


The Grand Tour

Saturday 12 November - Sunday 11 December 2022

Italian Sounds in London is a concert series which will present music written by Italian composers and instrumental virtuosi that lived, worked and travelled to London, and in general to the British Isles from the beginning of the XVIII century to half of the XIX century.

The concerts in the series which are taking place at Heath Street Baptist Church are as follows.

Saturday 12 November 2022 at 7:30pm

MILANO: The 3rd August 1778 ‘La prima della Scala’

Join us at the opening night of La Scala - with music written by characters who were in some way connected with the theatre in its earlier days. Alessandro Rolla was one of the first concertmasters and directors (back when conductors were not fashionable), and Antonio Salieri was commissioned to write ‘L’Europa Riconosciuta’ the first opera that opened the new theatre. Ludvig August Lebrun was employed in the orchestra as principal oboist and his wife Franziska Danzi as Prima Donna for the opening night. Mozart was only 14 years old when in December 1770 his 'Mitridate, Re di Ponto' was performed 21 times at the Regio Teatro Ducale, six years before it burned and La Scala was built on its ruins.

Mauro Giuliani was a virtuoso guitarist who in fact never made it to La Scala! However, he certainly made his mark on the Austrian empire (which Milan was part of at the time) by showing the guitar not as an instrument for mere accompaniment, but a medium of virtuosity. So we thought it was about time to give him a chance, 250 years later, in our own opening of ‘La Scala’.


  • A Rolla - 'piccolo quartetto' in C BI425 for violin, oboe, viola, cello
  • M Giuliani - guitar concerto n.1 in A major
  • - Interval -
  • A Salieri - overture from 'Falstaff'
  • LA Lebrun - oboe concerto n.3 in C major
  • WA Mozart - 'Vorrei spiegarvi o dio' K418

Performed by Istante Collective

  • Francesca Martini - soprano
  • Nicola Barbagli - oboe
  • Johan Lofving - guitar
  • Beatrice Scaldini & Christiane Eidsten Dahl - violins
  • Nichola Blakey - viola
  • Alex Rolton - cello
  • John-Henry Baker - double bass

Saturday 26 November 2022 at 7:30pm

NAPOLI: G B Pergolesi ‘Livietta e Tracollo’

Livietta - Hilary Cronin
Tracollo - Philip Wilcok
Musical direction - Mario Sollazzo
Stage director - Irene Biancalani


  • Istante Collective
    - Beatrice Scaldini - violin
    - Jo Lawrence - violin & viola
    - Carina Drury - cello
    - John-Henry Baker - violone
    - TBA - theorbo/guitar
    - Nicola Barbagli - oboe/recorders
    - Mario Sollazzo - harpsichord
  • Serio&Faceto
    - Irene Biancalani - voice
    - Nicola Barbagli - accordion

Sunday 4 December 2022 at 6:00pm

ROMA: Time and Truth

Music by Kapsberger, Corelli, Handel, Rossi and Stradella.

The land-bound island of Rome was a beacon of activity on a different course to the rest of humankind. Since opera was banned from the Papal State, oratorio was produced to recount biblical tales, and of course was a convenient way to bypass the state’s rules, and commissioned and performed for the edification of the Roman clergy.

Of course many masterpieces emerged from this strange little place, including many works by the famous GF Handel, who stopped off in Rome in the early 1700s and composed many works, including the famous Dixit Dominius, as well as many other compositions for musical gatherings. Some of Marco’s favourite numbers are picked for this special compilation of arias and cantatas, accompanied by his lutenist and joined by Istante Collective.


  • Ensemble Il Groviglio
    Marco Angioloni - tenor
    Leo Brunet - theorbo
  • Istante Collective
    Nicola Barbagli - oboe & recorder
    Naomi Burrel - violin
    John Henry Baker - double bass and violone
    Sean Heath - harpsichord

Also part of the church's Sunday Sundown concert series.

Wednesday 7 December 2022 at 7:30pm

TRIESTE: Adriana Vasquez - Abitare i confini - Inhabiting the border

Trieste, on the northern Italian Adriatic coast, is a town with a strong border identity. Not only as a consequence of its often dramatic history, but also in a wider sense, being a harbour, and having a long history of exchange and integration between peoples and cultures. Trieste is Adriana’s hometown, since very soon her southern Italian family, first based in Milan, moved to the extreme north-eastern edge of Italy, on the border with Yugoslavia. For a musician, growing up with a sense of possibility for what concerns cultural identity can make creativity branch out in different directions. London is the place for exchange, where any musical combination is possible. The band itself is a typical product of the London cultural energy, mixing the Brazilian musical vocabulary with all of the different backgrounds of its members. In this concert, the band will perform tunes from the Brazilian repertoire, along with some originals, and will present the songs from Adriana’s EP 'About Time', produced by Chris Franck and released by Da Lata Music/Pequenoimprevisto on 11 November 2022.


  • Adriana Vasques vocals - piano
  • Bembe Segue - vocals
  • Alessia Obino - vocals
  • Davide Basso - vocals
  • Paul Booth - saxophone
  • Chris Franck - guitar
  • Matheus Nova - bass
  • Marcinho Pereira - drums

Sunday 11 December 2022 at 6:00pm

VENEZIA: The water’s mother tongue

Music by Britten, Vivaldi, Platti, Telemann and Hahn.


  • Davide Basso - tenor
  • Aleksandra Myslek - piano
  • Istante Collective
    - Nicola Barbagli - oboes/recorder
    - Ellen Bundy - violin
    - Jacob Garside - cello
    - Sean Heath - harpsichord

Also part of the church's Sunday Sundown concert series.

More information and tickets for all concerts here.

At Heath Street Baptist Church - see map and get directions.

Italian Sounds in London is a project started in 2021 with the aim of exploring the cultural and musical connections between Italy and the British Isles. The well-beaten paths between both countries are a source of inspiration, with stories of musicians travelling around Europe, exchanging material, and influencing each other in ways which has left both countries with lasting flavour of each other. Italian Sounds in London is a partnership between BaroquestockIstante Collective and Heath Street Baptist Church, and is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in London.

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