Lecture series

These weekly Zoom discussions will each focus on a theological lecture, available online, which all participants will be expected to have watched or listened to beforehand. Each discussion will be introduced with a brief recapitulation of the argument of the week’s lecture (usually by the Minister!) and some suggestions for points of discussion. After that the floor will be open. We can work out as we go along what seems to be an optimum length for each discussion. By way of light relief, each week’s video link will be accompanied by one suggested gospel song for listening to during the week, and each ‘live’ (i.e. real-time) discussion will also begin by listening together to another song from the playlist.

The Zoom link for the discussion is https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87179878823. In due course a booklet will be produced, but for the time being weekly links will be sent out for the lectures and songs.

Programme announced to date

Date Lecture Song
1 January 2021

Rowan Williams:
The Intellectual Renewal of the Church


Reverend Luis Overstreet:
Holiness Dance


8 January 2021

Denys Turner (on Jonathan Miller’s The Atheism Tapes)



Lightnin Hopkins:
Needed Time



15 January 2021

William Schweiker:
God, Theological Accounts and Ethical Possibilties


Silver Quintette:
Sinner’s Crossroads


22 January 2021

Sarah Coakley:
A New 'Ethico-Teleological' Argument for God's Existence


Roberta Flack:
I Told Jesus



29 January 2021

Willie Jennings:
The Origin of Race


Charles Johnson and the Dynamic Gaylarks:
God Got His Eyes On You


5 February 2021

Rowan Williams:
Religious Language Under Pressure:


Roy Lanham & His Gospel Quartet:
We Will Know


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