Colloquium in honour of Marie Isaacs

On Friday 9 March I attended the colloquium held at Heythrop College in honour of the late Revd Dr Marie Isaacs, whom longer standing members of Heath Street will remember as the minister before Ewan, and who for a large part of her career had been lecturer, and later head of department, in the Department of Biblical Studies at Heythrop. There was a stimulating set of papers, by Marie’s former colleagues and students, and by current members of the department, covering a range of biblical topics, including some areas on which Marie had worked in particular: John’s Gospel and the Epistle to the Hebrews. The papers were a lively tribute to her contribution in the field, and it is intended that they will be published in due course. The day concluded with a short period for personal reminiscences of Marie, and I was very pleased, as her executor, to have the opportunity to say that I thought this was exactly the kind of memorial occasion that Marie would have wanted, and to express thanks to the department, on behalf of friends from outside the College, for holding the event.

Janet Cowen

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