Baroquestock (3-12 May 2019)


Fine Lines

Friday 3 - Sunday 12 May 2019

Intimate musical experiences and home-made, honest food

At Heath Street Baptist Church. See map and get directions.

3 May at 7:30 pm: Rameau's DARDANUS with French crepes || Jonathan Williams conducting OperaVera
4 May at 7:30 pm: Mozart's roadtrip to Paris + the Michael Haydn Requiem with Maria's royal tiramusu || John Andrews conducting IstanteCollective and Minerva Consort
5 May at 6:00 pm: BeerBach#1 || Bach BWV 104 + Zelenka Marathon Sonata No.1 in F major || Patrick Ayrton conducting IstanteCollective
7 May at 1:00 pm: The Zelenka Marathon Lunchtime Special || Zelenka Marathon - Sonata No.4 in G minor, No.3 in Bb major, No.6 in C minor || IstanteCollective
8 May at 7:00 pm: The Extreme Midweek Triple Bill Special || Women Mystics at Twilight and Zelenka Marathon Sonata No.2 in Gminor || Airbourne Extended, IstanteCollective and The Telling
9 May at 7:00 pm: BaRock: Root & Routes of the North || Ensemble Freithoff and IstanteCollective
10th May at 6:00 pm: The Big JACKET POTATO Ceilidh || IstanteFolkCollective
11 May at 7:30 pm: LittleThingsInOddShapes || Boccherini, M.Haydn, Gatti, Mozart K271 || Pawel Siwczak and IstanteCollective
12th May at 6:00 pm: Bach&Beer#2 || Bach BWV 12 + Zelenka Marathon Sonata No.5 in F major || Chad Kelly directing IstanteCollective


Home-cooked Food at every concert || CAKES || Pre-concert talks || Story-telling || Much more!

More information and tickets available here.

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