No Fuss Flute and Recorder Choir

Drop-in sessions at Heath Street Baptist Church. See map and get directions.

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The No Fuss Flute and Recorder Choir is for flute and recorder players of all levels. The arrangements are composed in a way which allows players of all levels to participate. The choir sessions cover the basics of playing in a group such as intonation, phrasing and articulation. In these sessions you’ll have an opportunity to try out playing different parts, to work on your technique and to practice your sight reading as well. The sessions are also a great way to improve your overall flute/recorder playing skills in a fun and social environment. The repertoire consists of a range of musical genres including jazz, classical and folk.


Hello, we are Martyna and Maria. Between us we have over 12 years of teaching experience across London. We’ve played in flute ensembles from a very young age, and have created the No Fuss Music Collective to share our passion and encourage students to play together.

We welcome new students to the project. Our specially devised programme based on teacher – student participation allows our students to learn to play flute or recorder and perform alongside music professionals. We are looking forward to playing with you!




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